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    ~Services offered~

Adolescent and adult mentoring~

One on one goal setting to help you live a more progressive life.

Glō Massage and Somatic Mind Therapy ~

Working as a massage therapist, coach, and health educator over the last 15 yeas has given me a very interesting perspective on the mind-body connection.  I have found that when stress is present in the mind it is often felt in the body. Aching muscles, illness and dis-ease are all forms of this imbalance. In the massage world this is referred to as Somatic Psychology, something I have studied for years.  I look to help target your stressors and use various forms of   body work and talk therapy to help create a happier, healthier you! 

Swedish Circulatory Massage

Long strokes used to promote circulation and remove toxins. When the muscle is inflamed chemicals are released causing pain in the nerves. Swedish massage helps to release built up stagnation and enhance the healing process.  Used for relaxation and rejuvenation.                                                          

Deep Tissue Therapy

For those who enjoy a more in-depth massage, deep tissue is for you. Concentrating on various points of interest we focus on problem areas and work to releases built up tension.      

CBD Pain Relief

CBD oil reduces inflammation within muscles and joints and has many pain relieving agents used to calm an injury, chronic inflammation and sport or excersise related injury. 

Hot Stone Therapy

Along with a relaxing Swedish massage, hot black river stones are used to ease away tension with warmth and pressure. A blend of ease and flow creates a seamless massage where the client is left drifting away. 

Energy Balancing Massage 

Alignment of the chakras and a release brought to the lamina groove  open up the being for growth and frees us of stagnant blockages in our energy fields. Gem stones and meditation are used to release what no longer serves us internally.

Lymphatic Facial Massage 

This form of massage is added on to your chosen therapy session. Using the bodies own channels we assist in the drainage of lymph, reducing swelling and puffiness in the head and neck by assisting the flow of lymph with natural organic methods. 


A great add on to any session, the use of essential oils improve the health of the mind, body and spirit. Through our olfactory nerves we impact the emotional center of the  brain when inhaling the different scents.  

$10 add on

"5 weeks to Wellness" Training - 

In weekly sessions we cover weight loss strategies, diet plans and movement routines. With a focus on hormone balancing, metabolic function, nutrient deficiency and personal growth, we look to promote weight loss and holistic health for the entire being.  We will touch on diet, mental health triggers and coping mechanisms. Monthly follow ups are encouraged and constant progress is tracked. 

       At glo-therapy we believe that to be most beneficial, health should not just about weight loss.  Creating a holistic healthy lifestyle that you can live with, forever, is the goal.  All or nothing does not exist in the real world, glō-therapy  is a new wave of balance.  

5 weekly sessions- $495 package

Monthly follow ups $80

To best fit our clients needs we offer nutritional supplementation for all of our programs at an additional cost. We encourage a 6 month commitment to see ultimate changes. 


 Clients of all ages welcome!

Adolescents  and teens encouraged!

Massage Massage Massage Massage Massage Massage 

Therapy Therapy Therapy Therapy Therapy Therapy

Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy

Best Best Best BEst Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best 

Available By Appointment Only

Monday         9-12

Tuesday        9-12    4-8pm

Wednesday  9-12     4-8

Thursday      9-12    

Friday            9-12    4-8

Saturday       9-12

Sunday          9-12

30, 60 or 90 minute sessions available, 

please give 24 hours for bookings and cancellations.

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Glō Gatherings~

Join the movement of self awakening. 

**Due to the current world situation we have no events planned at this time. Please check back for our 

"Comeback Tour 2020" dates!**