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Happenings you shouldn't miss in the months ahead!

Classes held at the beautiful Beauport Hotel


March 4

Nutrition 101 with Certified Holistic Health Counselor Missy Amaral

Learn to listen to your  body and find out ways  to optimize your health through proper nutrition and food balance. 


April 8

Body Works with fitness professionals, Chris Evans and the fabulous Kate Cooney.

Body Basics and why its SO important to get your heart beating,  your breaths pumping and your blood flowing!


May 13

Yoga and Alternative Healing- Acupuncture and the Art of stretch with local acupuncture guru Bill Crosby and yogi Emma Delphin. 

Lets explore the alternate to dis-ease through body movement and unlocking energetic blocks in the system. 


June 3

The truth about Mary Jane! It's time to have the pot talk...

Local CBD experts weigh in on CBD oil, cannibis and its benefits. 


July 8

Manifesting your  Destiny with world renowned psychic Miriam Divinsky

Now that you have your physical being in check,  tap int your own personal power and create the reality you desire!

Welcome to our Site!

Positive Progressive People is a concept, it's a lifestyle. Living life to your highest potential takes effort and discipline. Positive progressive people do so with intention!  

It is our intention here at 3P to create an environment where growth can thrive.

It may be time to look at the life you are living and check in with yourself. Ask yourself the question, "Am I living up to my fullest potential? Am I being my best self?"

We as a conscious people can make a constant effort to be more responsible with the way in which we approach our every day lives. Our actions, their circumstances and the way we respond to life, is in our control.  

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At 3P we aim to create an environment that supports this type of progression. Change is the only constant. With understanding, support and guidance you can raise your level of living exponentially. Strengthen your relationships, improve your health, gain perspective, become more financially stable and learn about your true self in the process.   

Join the movement, become a positive, progressive person.

Work hard.

Love honestly.

Do good things.

Live passionately. 

Be happy, healthy and strong.

Exercise your body and your mind. 

Ask for support and give constant appreciation.


Join the movement, become a positive, progressive person.  

Even the smallest of changes can help you get on track to a more progressive, enjoyable life!! Personal growth is of utmost importance in this lifetime! Self awareness is key to unlocking your full potential in living a more progressive life on all levels of mind~body~spirit.